Town Of Moraga

Electronic Community Information Sign
The Town of Moraga would like to thank the Moraga community for their patience with the new electronic sign. Since its inception, the main goal of this sign has been to keep residents informed about Town updates and events, and that focus will continue. From an operational perspective, the current (click title for full story)
PG&E Electric Power Line Upgrade Project
The Town of Moraga has worked with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to ensure the Contra Costa-Moraga Electric Power Line Upgrade Project has minimal impact on Moraga residents, while still allowing PG&E to make essential safety and reliability upgrades. Though the Town has its own noise guidelines, this project is mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission and, therefore, is not subject to local regulations. In the next two weeks, (click title for full story)
Lower Rheem Boulevard Stabilization Project
The Town is coordinating with EBMUD and PG&E to finalize their utility relocation work prior to having the developer (SummerHill Homes) remove and repair the landslide affecting the Rheem Boulevard roadway and the reconstruction of the pavement. The utility agencies have caused scheduling delays resulting in deferring the construction until spring of 2016. Although the Town is (click title for full story)
New Rheem Theatre and California Independent Film Festival
The New Rheem Theatre has benefited immensely from the extraordinary effort and support of many Moragans through a crowd funding campaign to cover a rent increase; the formulation of a Community Foundation; and productive discussions between all parties for a longer-term, mutually beneficial plan. Consequently, this year’s California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) is now scheduled for September 10 to 16, with the opening night held in Moraga. It is not too early to buy tickets to (click title for full story)
Thefts in Moraga
The Moraga Police Department (MPD) has seen an unprecedented increase in property crimes in 2015. For years, MPD has urged the community to be aware of security issues and has used About Town, personal appearances at community meetings, social media forums and television news coverage to educate the public about crime prevention and the increased risk of property theft. To put in perspective just how (click title for full story)
Saint Mary's College Intramural Field Lights
Saint Mary’s College (SMC) intends to install the improved intramural field lights system in August. A lighting consultant retained by the Town will conduct pre- and post-construction measurements of light and glare from the old and new intramural field lights. The pre-construction light readings will occur on Monday, August 3, and the lights will be illuminated from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. For additional information please contact Ella Samonsky, (click title for full story)
2015 Pavement Reconstruction Project Update
Six out of the ten street segments in the project plan still need to receive a final top layer of Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt (RHMA). Unfortunately, due to issues beyond the Town’s and contractor’s control, the availability of RHMA has been severely impacted. Caltrans now must more than double “crumb rubber” usage in their paving projects or forfeit transportation funding. The contractor now estimates (click title for full story)
Conceptual Plans for the Hacienda de las Flores
Gould Evans, the architectural firm hired to develop conceptual plans to improve the Hacienda de las Flores property, presented two concepts for Town Council discussion. The Council unanimously endorsed (click title for full story)
Mosquito Vector Control Board of Trustee Volunteer
Interested in public health or science? Ready to give back to the community? Apply to become Moraga’s Trustee for the Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District. Funded through tax dollars, the District offers free services and is governed by an appointed Board of Trustees. Meetings are held on the second Monday of every other month at the District office in Concord. (click title for full story)
Volunteer for County Advisory Boards
Supervisor Candace Andersen is seeking motivated residents to serve on a few Contra Costa County Citizen Advisory Boards. These voluntary boards usually meet monthly and advise the Board of Supervisors on a variety of issues. Lamorinda residents are encouraged to apply for seats on (click title for full story)
Burglary Prevention
Moraga, like many other communities, is experiencing an increase in both auto and residential burglaries. Most of these crimes are preventable by ensuring that homes and vehicles are locked, alarm systems are activated and that no personal property is visible. As a service to the community, (click title for full story)